A Must-Read Book for Modern Leaders

What does it mean to ‘lead’ in the 21st Century? When CEOs’ pay has increased more than 100x that of average workers, have they “earned” it? Are “secret formulas of success” real? If so, why do some companies still fail? Why are so many people around the world unsatisfied with their jobs (including CEOs)? Why is it so difficult to talk about these topics?


Einstein said, “in order to solve problems, we must think about them at a higher level than when we created them”. This book meets and exceeds Einstein's challenge. It is broad enough and deep enough to finally provide an explanation as to why we do what we do and how to overcome the many problems we've created for ourselves.


Claude Cloutier, a technology entrepreneur/CEO and doctoral student in Human and Organizational Development, presents a compelling case to look at traditional problems in a new light: consciousness in leadership. Cloutier leverages his wide background to examine the problems of business with a unique holistic approach, suggesting a new framework to understand the challenges of business, employees, competitors and vendors. In his Transmutational Leadership model, Cloutier offers a different perspective on leading and running a business and what it means to lead one's Self. By being more conscious of the underlying nature of leadership and what’s really going on, by un-learning leadership traditions of many generations, by taking a new approach to contracting and economics, he shows how you can have it all: ethics, social justice, and profits.


This book is a ‘how-to’ book in that Cloutier offers “real world” advice to leaders and owners; it's an interesting blend of practical, theoretical, and artful. But more profoundly, he also offers new models and new perspectives that work throughout life. Cloutier presents ‘business’ as just another facet of ethical living; he shows that ‘conscious capitalism’ is not only possible – it’s practical and profitable.


I found it easier to read Cloutier’s book from several perspectives, across several takes. One quick read for ‘practical’ advice (how can I resolve these conflicts?), a more detailed-read for Conscious values and a general guide to dealing with stakeholders, and finally a considered, take-my-time-and-think-about-it reading to let the models sink so that I could apply them to other ideas. On all three levels, Cloutier’s book was helpful, insightful and profound.


He has ingeniously found a way to present some important truths, in a way that the rest of us can easily understand . This is a “higher level” way to think about challenges, and to open up new opportunities. This is a book whose depth and breadth will challenge the leadership community to re-think and re-evaluate what leadership is and what it means to be a leader.


I really appreciated the book; it is still working on me, months after I first read it. I highly recommend it to others who want to see leadership from a unique and profound perspective.”

~ Marc Hanlan



If you are a pragmatic, business-oriented person and are ready for a wake-up call, read this book. As a former scientist and businessman, the transition to understand what is happening to us from a spiritual standpoint was anything but easy for me. As is the case for most who are engaged in the pragmatic reality of "3D," the perception of another reality did not compute. And so there is a tendency to take all this stuff about ascension and the spiritual transformation at a special time with a grain of salt. It all seems to be so hairy fairy and irrelevant to one's personal business. Yet all the shifting disclosure and consciousness invading the planet cannot be denied if anyone cares to really look around.


C.J. Cloutier is a businessman who presents the story, the evidence, and the compelling relevance in a way that is sure to awaken even the most skeptical business person, or anyone who is addicted to a nonspiritual reality.”

~ Ed Rychkun, Author of

Planet Earth Inc.: Empire of The gods Exposed, Volume 1, and

Planet Earth Inc.: Empire of The gods Deposed, Volume 2



C.J. Cloutier, a former military "tech-head" turned high-tech CEO combines his life and business experience in a quest for the betterment of self and society to produce his manifesto and blueprint for a more self-aware and benevolent, yet organizationally effective, way of leading ourselves, our organizations, and nations. He lays out both the scientific basis for how we humans operate and cooperate, and a hypothesis for how we might access the mind and spirit that lie beyond what science can explain. This is where some skeptics (including this reviewer!) may have some reservation at wholly accepting the author's premises, including references to Deepak Chopra, quantum physics, and the spiritual aspect of our consciousness.


But his arguments are equally balanced by his real-life experience of how different types of leaders are both effective and harmful in different situations.


C.J. Cloutier challenges us to examine how and why we work, how we lead, and to what end. His work ultimately points to the universal truth of people being willing to follow enlightened, inspired, and truthful leaders and why organizations led by these types of leaders are more creative.


Like Alvin Toffler's The Third Wave, this is a book about what we can accomplish with the tools that are likely available and attainable. Many readers will instantly recognize and agree with the author's ideas and viewpoints, while others may question and take issue with some of his tenets and philosophies. But likely all will recognize the author's completeness of vision, and admire the tantalizing possibilities he puts forth regarding our potential to overcome our basest natures and the current real world outcomes we've created for ourselves.”

~ Ken G. Leong, RMT