About the Author

C.J. CLOUTIER has been in leadership roles since 1979, initially as a military officer and then as a manager and entrepreneur in high-tech companies. He is currently the CEO of a small engineering firm, lives near Vancouver, Canada, and describes himself as a capitalist with a social conscience. He graduated from Royal Roads University in 2007 with an MA in Leadership and Training. He is currently enrolled in the Human and Organizational Development doctoral program at Fielding Graduate University in Santa Barbara, California. C.J. is passionate about leadership, social justice, conscious capitalism, and leadership philosophy coaching.


The transmutational leadership model portrayed in CQ encompasses techniques that bring choiceful awareness to the ethical and moral paradoxes, dilemmas, and conundrums that leaders face in their day-to-day decisions. The Consciousness Quotient demonstrates unequivocally that elevating individual and collective consciousness will help create a saner, economically balanced, more just society and safeguard the future for Planet Earth and for our children.